Seaching For An Online Beat Creator Program? Look No Further

Finding a quality online beat creator or online beat program is no easy task, but there is a simple reason why. The artists and producers you love to listen to are not sitting on a website making beats, simply because you will never get anything remotely close to studio quality doing that.

Now, before you start feeling defeated, there is good news! Getting a program that can actually give you the results you want is not difficult at all.

The program I would recommend is called FL Studio by Image Line. Fl Studio has been used in hit records by Drake, Jay Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Gucci Mane, Lloyd Banks, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and countless others!

Although FL Studio is easy to find, it is definitely not easy for a beginner to create beats anything up to par with today's music industry standards. That’s where you either need years of experience or reliable training.

For years, there has never been easy training courses that get you up and running quickly and easily and show you exactly …

Want To Learn How To Make Beats Online?

So you want to get involved in the music industry and want to try and make beats online? Sure, there’s programs out there that would allow you to make beats online, but it's also pretty much a guarantee that your beats will never get anywhere farther than that website.

Hip Hop producers don’t rely on a website to make beats with. The finished product always ends up way too low quality. So what do the pros do?

They rely on equipment and software. One of the leading digital music creation workstations today is called FL Studio. It has been used by some of your favorite artists including T.I., Ludacris, Kanye West, Eminem, Drake, Lil Wayne and literally hundreds of others!

The best part about it is that it's affordable and really easy to find. Great, but now that you have the equipment, you still have to learn how to use it or you won't get very far. So where do you get the training?

Sure, you could sit around and read the text manual for hours but that doesn’t really show yo…

Want To Make Your Own Beats? Beat Generals Teaches You How

If you are someone who even remotely keeps up with hip hop music, I’m sure there’s a time where you thought about how you could make your own beats.

Well, it's not impossible to create the beats you hear your favorite artists use, but it is also definitely not easy to make your own beats - that is, without the right tools and mentoring.

In the music industry, tips and tricks are usually closely guarded and not revealed to just anyone, especially not new comers. However, now you have the chance to finally get all the information you need to make your own beats in a fraction of the time it would take the average person.

Beat Generals is a service developed specifically to take you from complete novice to making those hard hitting beats you love, using easy to understand video tutorials!

Beat Generals utilizes a program called FL Studio, which is one of the pieces of software used by some of the biggest names in hip hop music today, to teach you all the skills to break into the music…

Beat Generals Teaches You How To Make Hip Hop Beats

Ever been curious on how to make hip hop beats? Your favorite artists would be nothing without a beat, so who actually makes those amazing pieces of music and, more importantly, how?

Music producers do and, for decades, it's been impossible for the average person to learn how to make hip hop beats simply because of the thousands of dollars of equipment that it would require.

Luckily things have changed. Now, with the internet, there are options for the average person. One of the best options out there is a program called FL Studio.

FL Studio is one of the most widely used hip hop beat making software, used by professionals everywhere. It is also relatively cheap and easy to find. The tricky part is knowing how to do anything with it once you have it.

Thankfully though, there is a new service out there called Beat Generals that is an absolute requirement for anybody that wants to make hip hop beats, as well as R&B beats, and not spend years struggling and falling short of their…

Learning How To Make Beats Has Never Been Easier

Ever wondered how to make beats? Well, getting the right equipment to do it has become a lot easier and cheaper in the last few years.

Your easiest solution is to find a piece of software called FL Studio. FL Studio has been used to make beats for some of the biggest names in hip hop today - including Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, Drake, Lupe Fiasco and tons of others.

The best part is that it's cheap and not very hard to find at all. So, once you have FL Studio, you’re probably going to still be confused on how to make beats with it and what sounds to actually use.

The program is easy to find, but it is definitely not easy to make the beats you hear everywhere today - without the proper techniques and training.

That’s where Beat Generals comes in. Beat Generals is a service designed by music industry professionals to take you from complete novice to making the beats you love in 3 easy steps.

They provide video tutorials in 3 categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The b…

Learn How To Make Beats With FL Studio

As a producer myself, I think one of the biggest questions I always get is “Do you know how to ______ in FL Studio?”

It seems like everyone has some questions about FL Studio that, for whatever reason, nobody has ever taken the time to answer. FL Studio is a GREAT program but what’s the point of having it if you have no clue how to get the results you’re looking for?

Well whether you’re a beginner or more advanced you finally have a place to go to build and brush up on your skills.

Beat Generals provides high quality, easy to follow, HD video tutorials that will teach you how to use today’s hottest techniques in the music industry in FL Studio to finally get your beats to the level you want!

The members area is broken down into 3 sections which include Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced tutorials for you to choose from. Apart from that, you also get high quality new drum sounds with different tutorials and even a kit that includes all the industry quality drums you will need for a wh…

FL Studio Video Tutorials That Live Up To The Hype

Having trouble finding quality FL Studio Video tutorials, huh? Yes, I know the problem all too well. Hundreds of videos, but none showing exactly what you need.

What if there was a course out there custom tailored to FL Studio, updated monthly, taught you what you needed to know and did so in easy to understand high quality HD video tutorials?

Sounds pretty appealing right? Well now there is exactly that!

Beat Generals uses video tutorials utilizing FL Studio to teach you exactly what you need to know about using the program efficiently to get your ideas out and get the best results. The video tutorials are taught by professionals, so no more wondering if what you’re getting is reliable information and if you’re learning exactly the skills you need.

With Beat Generals, you are taught only the things you need so no boring two hours speeches on what turning a knob left does!

The members area is also broken down into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced videos, allowing you to pick up at …